S3 sync does not work

It just won’t skip the files already present in my storj bucket. It copies them every time over the network.

I’ve used: aws s3 --endpoint=https://gateway.eu1.storjshare.io sync --size-only --delete /mnt/foo s3://bar/bar/

No matter if I use --size-only or --delete. I will transfer the file every time.

Yes, it’s not preserve the modification time, so the object will be always new.

I would recommend to use rclone sync instead. The rclone preserve the modification time unlike AWS CLI.
If you would choose the s3 protocol again, then you would need to use rclone --no-update-modtime sync.

Great, it is working! Thank you.
But I used S3 (again) over rclone, because it eats 1:1 data on upload.

Now unchanged files are skipped.

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