Sanctuary - Now in app store

I’ve been working on a project to sync up files securely using Storj under the hood, and I’m excited to say it’s now finally on the app store! Side note - I wanted to post this to “Projects & Stories”, but I don’t have permissions.

Why is Sanctuary different?
Sanctuary encrypts your data before it leaves the phone directly to the Storj gateway. The only information we hold onto in our backend is the metadata about the file (e.g., lat/lng, file creation date, size, etc…).

Sanctuary never stores the user’s encryption key, called the “sanctuary key”. This feature is what sets it apart from others that might claim they take your data privacy seriously, but at the same time, are the holders of that actual data.

Your Data, Inc has sought to flip this around with Sanctuary – the user owns the key hence the user owns the data. In our Storj bucket, we have blobs of data we know some metadata about, but certainly cannot see the contents.

This presents a hazard to the user – lose your key and you lose everything. That hazard, however, is comforting to many who don’t want their data to fall into the hands of the wrong employees / users. After all, how many celebrity “leaks” has there been? Why have security incidents always occurred? Somewhere, the data sits at rest unencrypted for many I would guess. For Your Data, it’s double encrypted (user’s key & our key with Storj) and in pieces around a network in various hard drives… not easy to hack!

This has been a year in the making and a remarkable achievement for us. We are a 2 man team, myself on iOS / business & another on API/Android (who actually did the Ruby bindings!). Any support, feedback or guidance is very appreciated as we continue our mission to have the PEOPLE own the data!

(For Android – our app is still in development and is expected early 2024)


!! Congratulations, Mark !! on successfully deploying your app on the Apple’s app store. Here are my observations.


  • Link to custom EULA hyperlinked as “Your Custom EULA” is linked to chatGPT rather than actual EULA.
    Ref: Terms of Service
  • Support/Contact us page lacks validation for message which might lead to you getting empty responses.
  • There is no physical address shown just working hours which does not seem professional, in my personal opinion. A mailbox would help to seem you have a US presence otherwise the only way to know you are US based group/company is after reading Terms of Service.
  • I am not well versed with this but mentioning clearly if you are INC or LLC or anything else would help get a better understanding for users who need that information.
  • Copyright info at the bottom could mention the said LLC or INC.
  • Add about us page that shows 2 devs with their specialties instead of your name at bottom right of the homepage.

My first impression to the name “your data” seems like reading “lipsum”. If you are a web developer too then you would know lipsum is used to fill empty spaces in a webpage with pseudo data. In short, it seemed like “Your data” is a placeholder for actual domain/company name. You may have come across this during mock business card stock images.

Name: Your name
Company : Your company
Business: Your business

I would strongly recommend to make your website look more professional as users will visit your website often. Also providing SSL from Godaddy was a good choice :slight_smile:


Thank you so much @nerdatwork!! Really appreciate your attention to detail and pointing out these important matters! I will get right on top of it, and provide an update here when I am complete.