Satelite providers

On other thred there was information that after start of network will be possible make own satelite.
Is there separate payments for satelite providers, what are requaerments?

Like I mentioned there, suggesting that to just anyone is a little disingenuous. Running a satellite is like running a company. You have customers buying the service from you and you will actually need to pay SNO’s in storj tokens. Either you run your own business, or you go the tardigrade certified route in which case I assume storj will take care of getting customers for example. Not entirely sure where that split will be. I’m guessing those details are still being worked out. But either way, we’re talking a completely different level of commitment compared to just running a node.

Additionally it means that you’ll have to have a lot of money coming in and going out. You pay the SNO’s monthly so you have to keep their money for a whole month.

Also I’m still not quite sure how anyone would get the trust from SNO’s to keep their money for a month and not one day just disappear. Especially with the big escrow during the first year.
I know that I wouldn’t trust anyone running a satellite who isn’t a big company (and even with big companies we have seen enough scam and ponzi schemes). That is the biggest weakness of STORJ in my opinion. It’s not truly decentralized and especially not “trust free” like e.g. siacoin.