Satellite - held amount not returned after 18 months

Hello. My satellite list shows 6, 5 of which appear perfectly fine.

The 6th satellite has no displyed info but says I have ~$163 held amount, even after 18 months. Other satellites report held ammounts as expected.

Is this correct?


There are 5 satellites. Which satellite shows this info ?

If your referring to satellite 118 an you didn’t get the held amount back you won’t be getting it now. Nodes that were offline during that time won’t get the held amount.

No idea, the name/address of the 6th satellite is blank.

I have not had any down time, other than standard node updates that is.

Did you receive the equivalent storj tokens in the September payment? My blank line also shows a held amount but was actually paid out in the September payouts.

Then you would have received the held amount when the satellite was decommissioned.

Cool - looks like September’s payment did include the held amound.

Thank you.

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Good for you. I think I have never received the held amount from the Benten satellite.

Sorry but how is that comment supposed to help anyone? You “think” you didn’t receive it?
Either check if you received the amount, then everything is fine or check why you didn’t receive it (only options are: nodes were not online or DQed). And if there really was an issue and you should have received the amount but didn’t, then contact support.

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Well maybe it sparks some ideas how to improve the process of taking down a satellite and the information in the dashboard.

Yes my main node was not online a bit in September. But should this really lead to losing the held amount from 15 months? As SNO I have no control over when a satellite operator chooses to take down a satellite nor do I have 100% control over node uptime, there is always the chance of some planned or unplanned downtime.
I have said I “think” I have never received it as the payment dashboard is not so helpful to track if that specific payment has been made or not. The removed satellite is no longer displaying in the dashboard and in this thread it was mentioned that the amount was paid but is still showing as not paid in the dashboard.

In my case it is really a small amount so losing that or not does not really bother me. But I think the overall situation is not how it should be handled. A satellite should not easily vanish and take all payments and payment information with it. And there should be better breakdown to track payments on a per satellite basis in Storj currency. An ability to create PDF would be nice and of course information should be accurate, e.g. if an amount has been paid, it should show as paid, if it has not been paid, it should show as unpaid.

So altogether I see room for improvement.

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Can you see it here?

In the dashboard I select All stats and look at the line of the now empty satellite. There it says

Held returned $0.00

I think there was a significant downtime required to not get the held amount because there was no downtime DQ it was neccessary to mark nodes as offline at some point and no eligible for held amount.

But thanks for that post, now it is a lot more helpful :slight_smile:

The node is marked as unhealthy after 4 hours offline. The offline for a week considered as offline permanently on almost all services. But since DQ for downtime is not enabled, it’s not DQ. However, it will be excluded from most of the reports.