Satellite import/export metadata feature roadmap


In section 6.2 of the whitepaper a short term plan to reduce reliance on a single satellite is mentioned, which would allow users to export/import metadata from/to satellites.

Is there a timeline for when this feature would be implemented? This feature seems crucial to avoid a satellite being a single point of failure!


This is already in progress. The satellites are moving from Postgres to Cockroach DB:

This also means no metadata needs to be imported/exported.

That’s great news

So if I have a macaroon with one satellite and it goes down, I’ll be able to use the same macaroon with another satellite? In this case will all funds be shared across all satellites?

Is there any timescale for when these satellites will be available to everyone?

Thanks for the rapid reply :slight_smile:

This is still a work in progress so no official timescale has been mentioned, that I’ve seen.

@jtolio may wish to comment

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Ok thanks.

This is very encouraging, as a satellite being a single point of failure is unfortunately a deal breaker for our application :frowning: The metadata import/export would have worked for us, but not as good all satellites sharing metadata by default. Fingers crossed this will be rolled out soon :slight_smile:

I don’t think that’s how it would work, but rather these multiregion satellites are hosted over multiple regions themselves and simply won’t go down if a single region goes down.

I’m pretty sure this doesn’t imply you have metadata shared across satellites.