Satellite list correct?


I have been runnning this node for about 4 months, and this is the list of satellites it is associated with. Looking at the earnings, it is only the tradigrade ones that are making anything.

Is this normal, or have I missed anything? Everything is at 100% for suspension and online.


Hey JJ28,

Could you clarify how much storage/bandwidth usage you are seeing for each satellite on your dashboard? How does the storage/bandwidth usage you see for EU North/Saltlake compare to US1/AP1/EU1?

Hi, these are for July
Storage / bandwidth
US2 0.91gb / 66gbh
Salt 14.24gb / 8.76tbh
AP1 5.93mb / 274gbh
US1 2.37gb / 399gbh
EU1 6.58gb / 336gbh
Europe 500mb / 0.74tbh

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Thank you. Could you also verify whether the payout information at dashboardurl/payout-information lines up with the storage/bandwidth you posted above?

Hi, no the totals are very different for all of the satellites

Please, make sure you running the latest version of storagenode (1.33.1)

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Oh whoops, I just realized what you posted was for July, and the most recent payouts were probably for May or June at the latest.

In any case, based on the numbers you gave me, Saltlake and EU North make up

(740 + 8760)/(740+8760+66+274+399+336) = 89.8%

of your total bandwidth used across all the satellites, and

(14.24 + 0.5)/(14.24+.5+.91+5.93+2.37+6.58) = 48.28%

of your total storage used across all satellites.

Considering we pay over 10 times more for bandwidth than storage, if the vast majority of your payout is coming from Saltlake/EU North, that is consistent with the numbers you shared.

I am curious about what data you are basing this statement off of:

Are you sure they are not making anything? Or are you curious about why the difference is so large?

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Hi, many thanks for looking. I am running the latest version, but curious why the taligrade have larger numbers. Looking around, just wondering if it is possible to get more of the taligrade satelites listed?

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Most likely, the reason you are getting higher numbers from those satellites is that we are uploading and downloading significant amounts of test data on them to create traffic for storagenodes, so that y’all receive satisfactory payouts and stick around :slight_smile:

The idea is that as we grow our userbase and improve our product, we will have more customers uploading more data, and the traffic on US1/EU1/AP1 will increase. Then, we can reduce our testing load (if desired) on EU North/Saltlake accordingly.

In other words, this is a symptom of a careful balancing act we must perform as a company in order to maintain a network of happy storage node operators (supply side) while we try to grow our active customers (demand side).