Audit 99.5%

Hey wanted to ask if this is normal that the 99,5 % audits have not changed since more than 3 days
according to the dashboard?
Since 2 days no kbs of audits have come in
But I did not find errors in the logs

Systems Docker Linux Synology Nas
or did I miss something again
thanks for replies ;D

The stefan-benten satellite was used for testing but is in the process of going out of order from what I know.

My audit dropped to 90.5% after I had finished GE :smiley: But that was 3 months ago.

Nodes don’t have a lot of data from that satellite anymore, especially newer nodes. The score would only change if your node either failed or succeeded an audit. But it may take a while before you get the next audit. My new nodes get at most 1 audit per day and sometimes go without audits for several days for this satellite.

i’m still at 100% to stefan-benten

so i would say brightsilence is right… your node is most likely not vetted to stefan-benten yet

and when i check my dash i got 1.13GB used this month by stefan-benten… which is basically nothing… so vetting to the stefan-benten satellite would most likely take forever…
which is most likely due to it being removed or whatever the plan is for it…