Satellites Ban Question?

When a satellite bans a node how does it keep track of what nodes it has banned?

I started a node a while back and it got banned from 2 satellites I later started a node on the same PC. using different Identity, and port forward and when the node went online it was banned from the same 2 satellites.
I’m wondering if my DDNS needs to change for the new node? or what I need to do to fix this its a brand new node so starting over is not a big deal?

This is only mean that you did not remove the previous identity, or you have clones. Each node must have an own unique identity, using the same identity but different authorization tokens will produce the same identity. So you need to create a new one with identity create storagenode (or identity create storagenode2 if storagenode already exist, it will create a folder storagenode2 in the default location).

I did run the Identity create storagnode1, it ran to a difficulty 36, Used a new AUTH. token, and set my second node up on docker. My old node is still running on GUI not sure if that matters.

how many satellites are there to start with? I thought there was 8 both my nodes are 6

there are 4 sats left, not 8 not 6 ( 6 could be displayed in the dashboard tough).

2 test satelites where removed some month ago.

these 4 count


These two satellites should not appear for a new node though.

@duramax4win please check the path to the identity. If you removed the identity named storagenode1 from the default location (%AppData%\Storj\Identity\storabenode1 in CMD or $env:AppData\Storj\Identity\storagenode1 in the PowerShell), then when you generated a new one, you need to use its path in your docker run command (not recommended). Or copy/move the identity to the data location and use this new path instead (recommended).

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ok then things are normal for me. if 2 satellites were taken down I have the same 4 that on that screen shot.
Sorry I meant 4 maybe I should learn to count.

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