Satellite's IP addresses and vetting times

Hi, ok so curiosity has got the better of me …

I am trying to understand why europe-north-1 is always the fastest to vet with all the nodes I’ve ever had - I mean a LOT faster… I live in Australia and typically routes to the US are lowest latency so I’d have assumed that I’d see those vet first (maybe thats a poor assumption?).
So, I’m wondering if there are IP addresses for each satellite floating around so I can see how the routing works and why I see what I see, unless I’m completely misguided about what causes some satellites to vet much faster than others?


It’s a newer satellite that didn’t have much data stored on nodes yet and pushed a lot of data the past month or 2. So new nodes would simply have a much larger piece of the pie. The higher the % of data for a satellite you store on the node, the more audits you get. It has nothing to do with routing, IP addresses or location.