Satellites offline

Some satellites is Online from 50% to 99% but other is Online 100%. Why so situation I have?

What satellites are you talking about?
Is it a new node? Since the online score at start of very susceptible for being offline, even if it’s for a short period.

Yes, it is new node and was offline about a one hour two times last 48 hours. Now all stable. But 3 satellites are red color and low online rating.

Test sats? eun1, us2, saltlake? No worries. First 2 are shut off.
For prod sats, the online score takes a while to recover, even a month, depending on how long you were offline. Just keep the nodes online, and check the logs for abnormalities. Use Uptimerobot to track the offline periods and to be prompted if the storagenode goes offline.
Satellites ping your node at constant intervals and they calculate a score window of 1 month.
Best online score you can possible have after a month is like 99.9x%, because your nodes also updates and loose conection to sats from time to time.

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Yes, us2, Saltkake and one else. But european is Ok.

Just keep an eye on them after 24h of the last offline, for the score to not go lower. And if you are proud of your setup, put a picture and specs in the topic “pictures of your rig”.

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Why score will be lower if I am stable online now?

Because of some undiscovered problems with your setup, like malformated databases or something. If the scores are going up, it means there are no problems.

I have only 32 Gb storage size now. My new HDD is not filled by data low than 1%.

Read through the documentation to get yourself familiar with different concepts. If you still don’t understand any concept then make a new thread.

Keep your node online and make sure it doesn’t go offline often.

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Don’t worry too much in this case, it’s probably because of the fact it’s a new node. So there are still quite few measurements on whether you were online, therefore they is a big influence of being offline for just this shirt periods.

Checks logs, if is it shows a lot of download/upload started and also some downloaded/uploaded rules (some context cancelled rules are always acceptable). On Linux + Docker, the log is shown by: docker logs storagenode -n 200 (for last 200 lines). Keep it online and come back if logs show incomprehensible or unfixable errors, or online score doesn’t increase coming days.

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