Sattelites usage :-?

Hello all, i want to ask if this is normal my node has very low traffic.I have a friend who started a node 2 weeks ago and he already have double data stored and traffic then me. And my node is 2 months old…
Here are my sattelites stats. Only 1 of 4 sends data to me. Some help and insights?

Just curious are you and your friend on the same ISP?
This is also how fast your internet is. Maybe your friend has faster internet then you.
Also If hes getting more data maybe he has better hardware then you in which he would beable to get it before you.

We are both on same ISP, we both have optic fiber to the home (ftth) 1GBps speed, he have a pc and i have HP proliant server.
I dont know why this difference

So what im going to say is if your on the same subnet as each other your going to be sharing data as if you were one node. If his hardware is better and faster then yours hes going to beable to get the data before you.

We are not on the same subnet, ip classes are different

You just said you have the same ISP, You wont be on a different class you would be on the same and there for sharing data. for example if his ip is 193.112.2.* and yours is 193.112.2.* You would be on the same subnet

I know that… I work in telecomunications (for the company that provides us the connection) he is I have

Your going to be still being effected by IP filtering since you and your friend are on the same ISP so which means your in the same location. There for its going to be a race who gets the data.

yep this is true, but still node age should affect the traffic…

Yeah it should but I think you friend might be out of vetting as well too, And he could possibly be getting the data faster then you, how was your data last month?

like 15GB engress and 20+ stored there was the period of tests and first month of the node so…
I really like this Storj ideea (I have mined a lot of other coins ) and I look forward to the results just to know if is a good ideea to invest more…