Scam alert - Be aware - Storj does not migrating their contract!

I just received an email explaining the STORJ smart contract upgrade that is supposed to help with the gas fees. Is this actually legit?

Edit: removed link from email

I see lots of STORJ starting to flow into the contract address but still just want to make sure it is not a scam before I send mine there.

I can guarantee this is a scam. @jocelyn could you make a sticky notifying the community not to take action on this email?


I have a bad feeling about this…

It’s posted on “” not on any official Storj website.
Plus, migrating tokens is not that simple, and would have to be done from StorjLab’s side, not the SNOs.
Looks 99% like what a scammer would post.
Edit: make that 100%
Edit2: looks like what it does is allow its owner (scammer) to steal all your Storj

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Yeah I figured it was a scam too but to a normal user it looked pretty good. Sadly if you look at that contract address I linked above some people have sent some pretty large amounts of STORJ already. :frowning: Since those transactions are still pending is there anyway for them to maybe cancel them before they go through?

That is not the right address you’re looking at, I don’t want to post the scam contract’s address so as not to help it spread, but so far it seems that noone has fallen for it :slight_smile:

Woah someone already trying to take advantage of people?

Maybe I am looking at it wrong but from what I can see so far there are 10 pending transactions sending IN to the address above. I would say 10 people have fell for it.

It’s the other address that begins with 0x09 (won’t post it here) that is the scam.

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Already 30,000 dollars in this wallet though…

Can you post what the email says?

The bulk of the tokens at that address have been there for a while. Must be someone who has been playing with Storj tokens and decided to set up a con.

Besides, if we’ve learned anything, Storj notifies via forum first, email second (or never).


Yeah thats a bit scary though, I didnt get an email though.

I agree. The scam has made about $4k so far from what I can see.

Could be the scammer moving tokens to create an air of legitimacy.

Me neither. Could be someone scraping the forum for emails. @zerf did you ever post anywhere you email in relation to Storj?

It seems those are from the scammer’s address (0xd5e5ad…)
Edit: you are right, but not from Storj

Not that I can remember of the top of my head but I have also been doing STORJ hosting for 3+ years so they could have gathered it from somewhere along the way.

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I posted the contents of the email here: Received Scam Mail Storj Smart Contract upgrade


We’ll be posting something to try and help people know where official communication from us comes from, but yeah, this account is not us. We’ve reached out to Substack to try and get this fraud account taken down.


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