Scared of Backblaze or Wasabi?

No Backblaze or Wasabi in the cost comparison calculator?


We shared your thoughts with the team.

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I shared this information too.
I think the customer who wants to have more than 1PB of storage will contact the team anyway.
But what do you suggest to set for the estimator as a maximum?

The only thought that I have is to allow to enter a number manually, but it likely will not satisfy persons who would try to enter several EB, because sums will become too wide and gauges likely will cross the site.

First I thought around 5 PB. It was said that (Treatment) had 1.5 PB of data to migrate to Storj that would not possible to compare right now.
Then I checked Wasabi and saw they have 10 PB as limit for their calculator.
So maybe simply copy that?
Unless Storj has some maximum in mind for which they want to be contacted.
But then I would state that clearly add a button and make it as easy and fast as possible for a potential customer to receive a quote and rough comparison.

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Thanks, I shared your idea with the Sales Team.

Obviously you have a very cool calculator for comparison with Wasabi and Backblaze:

So why not add them to the regular calculator or add a link from the regular calculator to the specific Wasabi-Backblaze comparison.

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I shared your idea with the sales team.