Script for Audits stat by satellites

Thank you. I was a little bit scared because the reset… :wink: Now i have checked with the other method and have seen that my audits are over 100 for all satellites. :+1:

Now the test-traffic should increase?

Well, your share of the traffic has increased. But keep in mind traffic is not constant to begin with. The amount you’ll see will still fluctuate.


A post was split to a new topic: Instead of query the database directly is there a way to use the api to retrieve payout info?

and as the new version has changed the format of the JSON (but there is no documentation) I rewrote the satellite audit for powershell:

((curl | ConvertFrom-Json) | %{"$_"; ((curl$_).Content | ConvertFrom-Json).audit}

It’s already updated in the topic :slight_smile:

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