Second node is offline

Hello there!
The first node running well, but secont node is not. I read this but something going wrong anyway :frowning:

Win 10 GUI
The second node config.yaml:
server.address: :28967

Where do I wrong?

I think in windows you have to change the server address to the port your contact external address is.

The second node NAT rule should point to 28967 not 28968. Leave config.yaml as it is. You have different devices running the nodes, so they’re not on the same internal IP.

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You cant share the same port to 2 local IPS

He’s not. The external ports are 28967 and 28968 but internally the ports are the same, only on 2 different local IPs.

The alternative would be to change the second node (config.yaml) to use the same port externally as internally (both 28968).

Yeah that is correct, I didn’t understand the routers UI so its hard to tell if that is internal port or external.

Thank’s bro, it’s work now.
Correct port forward for second node for Mikrotik RouterOS is