Second Node (Maybe Ports Problem)

Hi, i try to install a second node but is offline all the time… I open the port 28968 but i dont know what i need to change on the config of the node (I have GUI windows 10). You know any tutorial or post for install the second node? Thanks.

With Windows GUI installer you can install only one node on the Windows.
Is it a second PC?
If so, then you do not need to change the port in the config, but you should use the external address with port in your contact.external-address: option of the "C:\Program Files\Storj\Storage Node\config.yaml", for example contact.external-address: external.address.tld:28968

On the router you should forward the 28968 TCP port to the 28967 TCP port with IP of your second PC.

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Thanks, how i do this? haha

With Google of course.
Every vendor have an own thoughts how it should be done.
Usually you go to the router’s page, login to it and select something like “NAT”, then “Port forwarding”.
There you can add a rule for the port. And if you have a one node - you already should know, how to do it.
In that second rule you will specify the external port as 28968, the internal as 28967 and specify the IP of your second PC, save the rule.
On the second PC your storagenode should be running.
If you want more detailed guide - you can follow this one:

Okye, thanks for your help.
I do it, but he still offline :frowning: I check it with
And the port is correct.
In the config i have server.adress: :28967 Is correct?
I dont need to change anything more? Only contact.external-address?

Yes, the server.address: :28967 is a right config. The main point - in the port forwarding rule on your router the external port should be 28968, the internal 28967 with IP of your second PC.

If your 28968 port is open on yougetsignal, then check your identity:

TY SO MUCH. You solved my 2 problems, ports and Identity. Is now Online


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