Second Node Offline

Hello all,

I have two installations of Storj. They both are on separate PCs. The one works fine and did from the moment I finished installing it. The other installation says offline. I’m sure I’m missing something simple. I have a No-IP DDNS and have ported my router.

Any suggestions? Using a port checker it says the port for my second application is closed. I’ve tried everything I can think of to open it. Is it possible that the storagenode isn’t actually running which causes the port tool to think the port is closed?

Thanks in advance

Is it Windows or Linux and Docker or GUI ?

Windows. I have Docker installed but I run it with a GUI

What are your port numbers for your nodes? You can’t use the same port number for both.

28967 & 28968. The second one is the problem child.

did you made additional port forwarding in router, and opened additional port in windows firewall?
what show logs of second node?
Do you have boath nodes windows GUI?

I added the additional port to the router and windows firewall. Both nodes were Windows GUI.

I now uninstalled everything and redid Storj via Docker CLI. It is working and showing online now. I’m not sure what the conflict was as I used the same DDNS and port parameters the second time around through Docker.

Thank you all for the responses!

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The difference is how you setup port forwarding.

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One PC is Windows GUI now and the other is docker.

So if I understand the linked thread correctly, while I was running both on Windows GUI, all I needed was to change the original port to 28967 and the forward-to-port to 28968 in my router for the second node?

Yes, either that or forward 28968 to 28967 and IP of your second PC with the second node.
However in both cases the external address should remain my.external.address:28968