Second Windows GUI node

But I need docker because I run two nodes on the system at this time (its not possible with the GUI), and I wish continue to keep my two HDD connected to my Windows machine for my own usage. Those two nodes are connected behind two separate connections too with two ethernet cards, and it worked fine these last months before the update.

I think they’ll keep docker version anyway for compatibility reasons.

I have 5 GUI nodes on 1 windows, just need to know how to install it.

There is a way to run more then one node with The GUI though.

Really? I didn’t know that? But, are you sure I can bind also the node to another subnet like docker? If its okay, of course, I could switch to the GUI.

other subnet? second node on other ISP?

Probably possible but you will have issues binding to another network card…

Yes, so the other node of docker is well using another local subnet of my other router to be connect to the other connection. I can put the subnet in the config of docker but I’m not sure the GUI is able to use the other physical ethernet address like Docker.

I can confirm it works well on docker, so yes, I’m now installing again to check with the last version, then i’ll try to find the older version.

in config, you need to server.address: :28967 put not only unic port but also network interface address wher it run, shold be fine, with dashboard same thing.

sc.exe create StorjV3StorageNode1 binPath= ““C:\Program Files\Storj2\Storage Node\storagenode.exe” run --config-dir “C:\Program Files\Storj2\Storage Node\”” type= own start= auto

this command will install you second node with location mestiond in command.
you need to setup unic ports in config. also your unic indentity paths, and probper storage paths.

need to make in cmd, runed as admin

and forum for some reason not show some \ in proper places.

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You don’t need to have a second copy of the binaries. Only config dir…
However, the updater will not be able to stop a second service, so autoupdate will not work anyway

realy, it will solv lot of manual update work. so i can change all to default binaries location, just config paths, and in config log paths?

I updated a post, this is an important addition

Yes, but i can setup batch file, for every day restart, it will solv this problem? at same time can make log every day file.

No. The file will be in use

i will restart service, or not restart, as with log, stop service, log rename, and start service again.

So you gived me idea to make, small console application, that will , every day stop node, move log to
\year\month\day stucture, and start node again.
With this we can solve, big logs issue, and restart for updates, on multiple nodes, and kill some stucked connections.
Is it bad restart node every day?

The file storagenode.exe will be in use, because the updater will stop only the default storagenode service. So, the updater will not update the storagenode and will shutdown your first node instead.

OK then i cant use same binary way. then just need to make own updater.
that will check file version of main node, and copy it to other nodes.
and at least can use it for log managment.

you can try to use dependencies in service - make a “main” storagenode as a dependency of other

I reread this discussion several times but am still confused. I want to install a second Windows GUI node but on a different PC than the first node (which is a windows GUI node). I understand that the second PC will have its own Storj services, executable, config, and identify files. My question is how to set up the port forwarding for the second PC. The router already has a port forwarding rule for node 1 that points 28967 to the IP of node 1’s PC. What port forwarding rule (incoming port number) should I use for node 2 on the second PC? The port forwarding rule for the second PC can’t use 28967 as it will direct traffic to node 1’s PC. Your guidance is appreciated.