See Payout info from last year

Hi are trying too see what I have got pay total for last year but can’t get too select last year only February this year and all there then select all time .
what can I do ? are the info in a file also ?

Choose Custom Range, click the < to the left of 2023 and select Jan and Dec.

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yes that don’t work that the problem
have post screenshot off it the top picture as you can see it only show February as one you can click on




Does it empty for the Payout History too?
If you recreate databases, then this information is lost, it’s stored only in your local databases and did not recover if it’s lost.

It show it when I choose too see the whole time fine so really wird .
But good news it work now after a rebot :man_shrugging:
I read SMR drive are a problem mine 3 drives should not be that but read some have problem like SMR drive with Toshiba drives …
Just upgrade my sytem with a 18TB Toshiba Enterprise MG09 Series MG09ACA18TE.
So perhaps it have something with that ?.
I have order a ssd I will try too put my DB on read it could help

It could be possible, that needed databases were locked or not properly loaded, so restart is fixed this issue.