See the upload/download race win %?

As asked in topic. Is their a way to see your win rate % for uploads and downloads as a SNO?

Yes, by reading the storage node logs with this GitHub - ReneSmeekes/storj_success_rate.


This seems like a bigger hassle with TrueNAS, will need to dig a bit, thanks for the link!

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It works just fine as-is on TrueNAS.

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I use grafana to show me different success rates.

you have to manually export the logs, so no, it doesn’t really work the way you’d want it to.

You actually can do that without redirecting logs to the file. You may call this script with the name of the container with storagenode.
Just not sure that TrueNAS would allow you to run a docker command without sudo.
But you may modify the script to use kubectl instead of docker.