Seems ingress went up and earnings down

Realistic estimator says about 22usd earnings after 6 months with 3.3tb of data stored. I’m around 10/13 actually (total earned included held amount oc)
What’s your feedbacks?

PS: upload successrate around 98%


Recent months have seen a sudden spike in ingress. But that data may behave differently from what we’ve seen before. I haven’t updated the earnings estimator to reflect that yet. I always try to hold off until it’s more clear that these increases are consistent. But you mentioned you earned less? Can you see which stats don’t align with the estimator. It lists all estimated storage, egress and repair. Where did your node behavior deviate?

Am having the same behavior.

The ingress did rise strongly almost 15 Mbit/s for one node and the egress collapsed. This is why the earnings are way lower. The upload is not beeing used that much.

So in total the earnings estimator is way wrong.

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node growing faster with unused data. For example at 3tb of storage I’m earning about 10/12 not 22.
I can say about half the total earnings in estimator caused by low upload

Probably now it is the real client data which is used for like a backup service?

And previously it was the STORJ team it self which also made the uploads to make incentives? Unfortunately there is still alot unknown knowledge of hoch must test data there is on the satellites and how it is beeing used.

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In previous months the ratio for down and upload was like 1 upload to 3 download.

Now it has to increased to like 1:6 and unfortunately the upload may go even lower:

i have little more statistical data.

This is pretty easy to determine - only EU1, AP1 and US1 are the customers’ facing satelites

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