Sehr hoher Trafic?

Ich weis jetzt nicht ob normal oder meine Node stirbt.

Mein Traffic is richtig brutal geworden.!
Ingress seit Tagen ~ 560Gb/Tag
Egress auch seit Tagen ~ 13Gb/Tag

6Tb voll 9,5TB noch leer

Fritzboxdurchsatz : Download 30Mbit/s :flushed:
Upload. 4Mbit/s

Sudo docker logs – tail 20 storagenode
meldet nur upload upload upload …

There is massive test of network performance going on at the moment. This is nothing to be alarmed about :slight_smile:

EDIT: Please be aware that there is a possibility that this traffic will become “the new normal” if a new client comes online (Storj are currently negotiating with them), so now is a good time for you to optimise your node as well :wink:


Derzeit laufen umfangreiche Tests der Netzwerkleistung. Das ist kein Grund zur Beunruhigung :slight_smile:

EDIT: Bitte beachten Sie, dass dieser Datenverkehr möglicherweise zum „neuen Normalzustand“ wird, wenn ein neuer Client online geht (Storj verhandelt derzeit mit ihm). Daher ist jetzt auch für Sie ein guter Zeitpunkt, Ihren Knoten zu optimieren :wink:


There are 15 nodes running in total, and data is currently being downloaded at a speed of 0.8G/s +. This is 3 times more traffic than last month.
We are considering limiting the speed of the network. Will limiting a single node to 20Mbs/s have a negative impact?

Ingress will decrease (more than you think) :disappointed_relieved:


The data is close to the set hard disk size, and the import data will not have much impact on me without deleting a large amount of data.

Oh… you mean there is no change in ingress even if you lower the speed?

There is an impact, but I don’t think it will be too big.

If I have several nodes later, I should try it, I think it will be too much if the number of nodes increases due to the increase in Internet usage these days.

Just set them all on the same external IP.

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