Self-hosted gateway error

any one knows what this errors means?

Time: 22:02:14 +08 02/21/2024
DeploymentID: 986fb67a-0976-4b0a-adcf-cb973ca61f8c
Error: (cmd.NotImplemented)
5: \go\pkg\mod\\minio@v0.0.0-20230627070725-370d887aacde\cmd\bucket-policy.go:53:cmd.(*PolicySys).IsAllowed()
4: \go\pkg\mod\\minio@v0.0.0-20230627070725-370d887aacde\cmd\auth-handler.go:345:cmd.CheckRequestAuthTypeCredential()
3: \go\pkg\mod\\minio@v0.0.0-20230627070725-370d887aacde\cmd\auth-handler.go:274:cmd.checkRequestAuthType()
2: \go\pkg\mod\\minio@v0.0.0-20230627070725-370d887aacde\cmd\bucket-listobjects-handlers.go:317:cmd.ObjectAPIHandlers.ListObjectsV1Handler()
1: net\http\server.go:2122:http.HandlerFunc.ServeHTTP()

i did a reverse proxy to my self hosted gateway. but im getting this error when i try to use nakivo to connect to it. they do support s3 compatible protocol.

UserAgent: aws-sdk-cpp/1.8.187 Windows/10.0.17763.4974 AMD64 MSVC/1900
Error: Please reduce your request rate. (minio.ErrorResponse)

Seems you reached the rate limit. However, from the error in the description your S3 client requested something what’s not implemented in the S3-compatible gateway.

I suspect that they trying to apply ACL or something like make a bucket public.
To make the bucket public: Creating Public Buckets and Embedding Content - Storj Docs
With the self-hosted S3-compatible gateway you may also run it in the static site mode to get a similar result (especially if you use a reverse-proxy). However, you s3 client must stop trying to call a not supported commands anyway.