Selling my Storj Node Server - 24 TB with Raid 5 (4x 10TB SATA HHDs) ONLY THE HARDWARE!

Hi there,

I want selling my Storj Node Server(HARDWARE ONLY) which I already running one year long.

The images of my Node itselfs are only shown that I was really a storj node operator! I will delete all my Node information before I sell the hardware!!!

Now I need travel away and can’t take with me this server.

All drivers and software(docker for storj) for running storj is already installed.

Only what is needed is the own Auth Token and put the own Ethereum Wallet Address for starting to host a Node!

Specification of my server:
1x HPE ProLiant Microserver Gen10 X3216

  • On Board Raid: RAID-Level (1+0)
  • 8GB RAM
  • Prozessortyp: AMD Opteron CPU 1,6 GHz
  • Space for 4x SATA / SAS HDDs
  • Installed HHDs: 4x WD DC HC510 10TB 6G 7.2K SATA 3.5" Disk HUH721010ALE600
    I installed all this 40 TB in a Raid 5 String with the HPE E208i-p Raid Controller!
  • 120 GB SSD - Western Digital
  • Operation System installed on the 120 GB SSD: Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS
  • Additional Raid Controller installed: HP RAID Controller E208i-p
    (Raid 0, 1, 5, 10), (12Gbit /s), (SAS), (PCIexpress)

I’m from Germany. But I can send this server to Europe, Canada and USA if needed!

So before I set my server on eBay I give you first the chance to buy it!

If someone have interest can send me a PM.

I also accept STORJ as payment! Or other crypto currencies!

I am selling it for 1658 $ (USD)

Best regards

df ssacli

This is not allowed.
I missed an important part hence the update. Its not allowed to sell your node i.e. data but hardware is fine. Please be careful (buyer & seller) while doing any transactions like these.

18. Can a SNO legally sell their Node? Considering there is no bad intent and it’s a fair transaction. Ex. Joe sells his HDD to Jane for $$.

If a person no longer wants to run a Node, they aren’t required to and should simply stop rather than selling it to another person. Conversely, if a person wants to be a Storage Node Operator, they must sign up directly through Storj.

Every Storage Node Operator must review and individually commit to comply with the Storage Node Operator Terms and Conditions. In addition, we need to know that the person who commits to the Terms & Conditions is the person running the Node and that we have their correct information for tax and legal compliance.


@ed20 seems to be just selling the hardware. The node software may be installed, but since it was mentioned you need your own activation token it’s clearly not being sold with the old node data still in tact. Nor should it be, the buyer could never trust to actually own a node someone else might have the identity to.

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Made the edit. I need my :coffee:

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node version 1.5.2?? how old is that screenshot? a node that out of date can’t be online anymore. minimum version is 1.9.0

I think his intent about that is the uptime (2265 hours) that hardware provided. 1.5.2 was out in May 2020 but I suspect he opted for GE and now wants to sell his hardware.

An uptime of 3 months is not that impressive. However, the period in the screenshot shows “September” so I’m wondering how a node with version 1.5.2 can still be “online” in September.

But yes, he wants to sell the hardware, not the node.

Yes, I want sell ONLY the hardware!! All my node information I will delete before I sell it!!

And the reason why I still have the old Version from may is, because I still do the gracefull exit and don’t want to abort the process!

Best regards

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Am I missing something here? Brand new gen10 microserver and 4x10TB elements are below $1500 on

Yes, there is an additional raid controller installed:
HPE RAID Controller E208i-p (Raid 0, 1, 5, 10), (12Gbit /s), (SAS), (PCIexpress)

And an additional 120 GB SSD (Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS installed, which is not supported on default)!

Still, you’re barely 10-15% under new price. That’s probably not going to fly.

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Hi there,

if someone want this server can make me an offer!

Best regards

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Just asking…where U need to move to that U cannot bring your machine…

its just plain sad

That looks like an overkilling machine for Storj only IMHO. Anyone buying this would want to have other plans than just running Storj nodes on it.

But maybe I’m mistaking… How much power does this setup draw?

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This is a very low power system its kinda like a mid end Nas.

Define “low power” :slight_smile:
My setup hosting 16TB uses around 25W. But it’s on a RPi4…

Anyway, I wouldn’t put 1600$ in a setup for Storj. But that’s just my personal opinion ^^
Again, if the machine were to be used for something else in parallel, maybe it’s worth it…

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From based on the cpu which is a AMD Opteron™ X3418 * TDP ranging from 12-35W, Thats pretty low to me.
There’s not alot of power to do much else. Price to performance is not worth it…Especially on the used market.

There is no need for such a server for Storj project. Instead I would go for RPi4 (or 2x RPi4) + 4x16Tb drives.

The price would be almost the same, while the space - 64Tb.

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