Send email when storagenode is down for 7 days

Send email when storagenode is down
for days. This will reduce repair cost and so on … why don’t you do this already?

Here is some body text for you:

Dear storagenode operator,

You and your node are important to us; please check that your node fdghffgggfg is operating properly as our satellites have not been able to contact it for 7 days.

Thank you

Look into uptime robot. That is what I use.


You misunderstand, I am not worried about your data. I don’t need uptime robot.

Then re ask your question because to me it reads that you want to know when your node is down. That is what uptime robot does for me, it notifies me when my node is offline.

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It would be nice if Storj would send an email on a failed audit, if the node is down for a day or so and if the node version is too old. I have set my email address in the node configuration, it might as well be used for something. It would be nice to have a backup in case my own monitoring does not work properly.


Yes, please!

One of my nodes was disqualified (known issue on my end) on us2 a few days ago but I still haven’t received an email about that.

I’ve said it before and I say it again: Storj needs to send more emails about important things.


This would be great. Uptime robot helps but it doesn’t tell you with certainty that your node is online.

Email is cheap. Why not use it?

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Still didn’t get any email after 5 weeks