Sep/Oct payments have started

I mean i have 3 nodes, and from stats it showed that each would receive about 12 USD.

Please, provide the report from the Payout calculator for each of them. You showed only one.
Also, please, check your wallet address. From the satellite info and the Etherscan you have received 54.33319039 STORJ tokens

Where am I supposed to see the payment of the Stefan Benten held back?

This one have a different wallet

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Exactly!! Thanks for the time, it seems i’ve messed up the startup scripts in last maintenance.

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In the Payout history on the dashboard for the month September, however it has been paid in the September, not in the October.
Also, you can use the Earnings calculator for that

For me, the payout overview for September only shows the payment of >Stefan-Benten and no further payment of the remaining satellites. If I go to the individual view, however, the amounts for the September are displayed to me in each case suitable for the September. Storj runs on Docker and I have the current image.

It will be updated with the info, when it would be pushed to the nodes.
This is happened when the payout is done. Until that you will see an estimations and no history payout for the September

In the payout history months August and September are still greyed out and not selectable.
Last month I can select is July.

Heya, I have 2 nodes, I remember some discussion around combined payment for both nodes if the address is the same? Are we doing it or still payments are separate?
I think I received payment for 1 node but for other nodes, sept month is blank that means the payment is yet to happen, can someone please confirm? Thanks.

Payments are still combined. The month of September may show blank if pay stub hasn’t been pushed to your node yet, although you would have (/could have) been paid already. The best way to verify prior to your node receiving the pay stub is to use the earnings calculator posted above.

When I check the earnings calculator against my actual payout on etherscan, the difference is $0.05 in my favour, which is easily explained by the fact that the etherscan value is only an estimate.

I have for September, too, does not add up, since December 2019, everything coincided before.

If only for September, minus the deduction, it turns out the same as in the calculator…!

Previously, my payouts always coincided with the calculator, with a minimal difference.
In fact, the payment came only in the region of 8, instead of 22, taking into account the deduction.

Может быть, проблема в том, что я поменял бумажник ? Хотя это маловероятно…
Я изменил его еще в сентябре, до конца месяца в настройках.

To be honest, I’m a little puzzled by this, I hope that somewhere there was a failure and the issue will be resolved…

I donate eth to storagenode operators who have no eth but have some storj.

“Initial eth” - You can’t pay for transactions in storj so you just need that little bit to start off with. I think wolfgang had the idea but some others too.

“available again” - because I give each month from the earnings not from my money.


On behalf of those SNOs

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my Sep. payment is without the Held returned. Will this come later?

Hi Marc. Please please describe in more detail. Does your node made GE or was 15+ months old and held was not returned?


I have same issue
today screen
Snímek obrazovky 2020-10-07 190223

And this payout i have “only” 49$ as i expected but no held amount return about 20$
I have 5 nodes with the same eth adrress but my main node give me 90% of payouts

OK i see

but there is a bug in dashboard or ?

ok iam SORRY! Paymet is OK.

Month 15 : 50% of total withholdings are returned to Storage Node Operator, with the remaining 50% held until the node gracefully exits the network**

I told you, my English is realy bad :smiley:

Hi Krystof. We have been paying 50% of held in the 16th month payout
Maybe we we not explain it clear on Dashboard. So I note that and will add some explanation on Dashboard

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Thank you,
so maybe next month 50% held
Have a nice day