Sep/Oct payments have started

Ive got my payment for September in October so Initial eth is available again!

What does that mean ?

Anyone noticed a significant difference between the payout and what the dashboard indicated ?
I was supposed to get about 15 dollars and only got half of that.
At first I thought it might have something to do with the fluctuations in the tokens price but it’s been relatively stable lately…


No. I got pretty much what earning dashboard had stated.

Same here, payment was less than indicated by the dashboard.


I’ve also received only 1/3 of estimated amount. Another bug with payouts?
3 nodes, nearly identical stats, all joined same time. Resulting payout 27 STORJ tokens.

September 2020 (Version: 9.4.0)
                        TYPE            PRICE                   DISK       BANDWIDTH            PAYOUT
Upload                  Ingress         -not paid-                          17.75 GB
Upload Repair           Ingress         -not paid-                          22.79 GB
Download                Egress          20   USD / TB                      646.48 GB         12.93 USD
Download Repair         Egress          10   USD / TB                      127.95 GB          1.28 USD
Download Audit          Egress          10   USD / TB                        2.25 MB          0.00 USD
Disk Average Month      Storage         1.50 USD / TBm       1.59 TBm                         2.38 USD
Disk Usage              Storage         -not paid-           1.14 PBh
Total                                                        1.59 TBm      814.98 GB         16.59 USD

Payout and held amount by satellite:
SATELLITE       JOINED     MONTH HELD%    HELD TOTAL          EARNED            HELD            PAID
us-central-1    2020-01-30     9   25%      1.25 USD      0.6677 USD      0.1669 USD      0.5008 USD

europe-west-1   2020-01-30     9   25%      2.12 USD      1.0415 USD      0.2604 USD      0.7811 USD

europe-north-1  2020-04-18     6   50%      0.48 USD      0.3045 USD      0.1522 USD      0.1522 USD

asia-east-1     2020-01-30     9   25%      1.25 USD      0.6273 USD      0.1568 USD      0.4705 USD

saltlake        2020-02-11     8   25%     29.23 USD     13.9523 USD      3.4881 USD     10.4642 USD

stefan-benten   2020-01-30     9   25%      0.65 USD      0.0006 USD      0.0002 USD      0.0005 USD
    HELD AMOUNT RETURNED                   -0.65 USD                                      0.6501 USD
    AFTER RETURN                            0.00 USD      0.0006 USD      0.0002 USD      0.6506 USD
    PAYOUT NOTES: Graceful Exit
TOTAL                                      34.97 USD     16.5939 USD      4.2246 USD     12.3693 USD
    HELD AMOUNT RETURNED                   -0.65 USD                                      0.6501 USD
    AFTER RETURN                           34.32 USD     16.5939 USD      4.2246 USD     13.0194 USD

It’s important to check the dashboard AFTER it received the payment history from the satellite. Currently the dashboard still has a bug and uses some wrong held amount (due to taking the current month for calculation instead of the node age last month) and therefore your held amount is lower and the payout on the dashboard higher.

No payout history available for september yet. The estimation in the payout section above is wrong as long as the payment history hasn’t been received.
I reported some errors last month: Payout discrepancies Aug 2020 but not all of them got fixed (didn’t check which ones actually got fixed yet)

Hello @kkkk,
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Then you can check the total after held back amount is substracted and compare it with value on Etherscan

By the way

was paid in the previous month, but it is showing in the current month.
@zyrex and @TheMightyGreek please consider that too.

i also think mine was slightly off, but to be fair the payout estimate in the dashboard, is just that… an estimate…

also one thing i did notice about it was that it seemed to estimate the held amount as not being subtracted from the total earned when estimating the supposed payout…

so yeah … i really don’t have a huge clue if my numbers are correct, but i can say with certainty that it didn’t match what i saw recently in the dashboard estimate, because the dashboard estimate was wrong to begin with…

what i got paid doesn’t seem to wildly deviate from what i would have expected, so ill just leave it at that… only weird thing i see on mine… is that i earned exactly the same amount of storj this month as last month… which is kinda weird… but was bound to happen at one point i guess…

Okay, I guess this calculator is a bit weird as it shows current months data in Uploads/Download stats, but last months payouts in payout section. (Im seeing exit payout from stefan-benet in september)

So considering ~1.8TB egress (excluding repair, accross all 3 nodes) in last month, 27.9 storj tokens seems to be correct?

I just realized that i made a mistake.

It seems like the dashboard doesn’t take the held back amount into account when calculating the NET TOTAL and I didn’t think to check that.
The payout is accurate if I take into account the 50% held back amount.

The payout in USD, please, check the USD value on Etherscan on time of sent. It’s not precise, but should give you an idea.
Later in the payout history when it will be pushed back to nodes, you can see an exact TX id.

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Yes, exactly. This is a bug, which should be fixed in coming releases.


For what it’s worth, I got pretty much exactly what I expected. About 2% more even, but that could be due to STORJ fluctuations.

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It’s 12.70 USD in time of transaction in etherscan.
These are the node id’s, in case there is something to check:

13.0194 - 0.65 = 12.3694 seems to pretty much the same, you even received a little more

I mean i have 3 nodes, and from stats it showed that each would receive about 12 USD.

Please, provide the report from the Payout calculator for each of them. You showed only one.
Also, please, check your wallet address. From the satellite info and the Etherscan you have received 54.33319039 STORJ tokens

Where am I supposed to see the payment of the Stefan Benten held back?

This one have a different wallet

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