Payout discrepancies Aug 2020

I noticed several discrepancies between the expected payout and the real payout reported by the storagenode gui for august 2020:

  1. Calculations of Download/Repair and Disk Usage are incorrect (may be due to rounding in calculations or usage of TiB instead of TB but the difference is 2%):
    Download: 75.43GB * 20USD/1000GB = 1.5086 USD. earnings calculator rounds to 1.51 USD, node GUI shows 1.48 USD.
    Same problem with all other calculations.
  2. Held back for August is off on saltlake, my node joined 2020-03-21 so in August it was in month 6 and has 50% held amount, so a total of 1.4213USD but gui shows 0.73 USD, which only works if held amount on saltlake was only 25%:
    2.7124 USD (saltalke payout) * 0.25 + 0.065 USD (held amount on europe-north) = 0.7431 USD. [Edit: see added information below, data wasn’t from satellite and wrong node age is being used in this case]
    And if that’s true, it would be problem 3) because 0.7431 USD is more than 0.73 USD by 1.8%

Now the problems 1 and 3 might looks pretty similar but a difference of 2% in payouts make a big difference for storjlabs. I’m not accusing anyone or complaining about my missing “2 cents” but these are inconsistencies that shouldn’t be there. (Maybe I don’t even miss my 2 cents, I can’t compare that because my payout contains a 4th node that I don’t have anymore… but the calculator and the dashboard are using the same database as a data source so there should be no inconsistency. Whether payout equals the calculator or the dashboard I can’t say)
Problem 2 however looks like a real bug to me.

Edit: So apparently my node didn’t receive the payment information from the satellite when I made this post, now that it did, the dashboard looks differently:

So the data for the last month used the node age from the current month to caculate the held amount and therefore used 25% instead of the 50% it should have been during August.

Interestingly the satellite says that my node got more bandwidth usage than my node reported, leading to a higher payout than the earnings calculator and the dashboard before payment showed.
Strangely the calculations for Download and Repair are now correct and slightly rounded up, while the calculation for Disk Usage is still off by 1.5%:
Download: 76.4GB x 20$/1000GB = 1.528 USD (dashboard says 1.53 USD)
Repair: 123.7GB x 10$/1000GB = 1.237 USD (dashboard says 1.24 USD)
Disk Average: 810.27GBm x 1.5$/1000GBm = 1.215 USD (dashboard says 1.20 USD)

Total payout is 2.53 USD from dashboard satellite data and 2.52 USD according to earnings calculator, so the difference of 0.4% is due to rounding, however the Disk Average is still calculated wrongly, which would make the difference of payout almost 1%, which is then not correct anymore either.

Saw samething reported already here. Payout discrepancy on dashboard v1.11.1

It is indeed similar but it is not the same thing, I mentioned a lot more inconsistencies but not the one mentioned in that thread.

Nevermind then I thought it could of been related.

I would like to add something here. The earnings calculator is meant to verify payout by using the nodes own administration. But there are different sets of data kept in those databases. There is the bandwidth usage and storage usage as tracked by the node. And there is a payout table which contains what was reported by the satellite for payout. Both of those contain information about the bandwidth and storage usage.

Because the goal of the earnings calculator is to verify payout, it always reports the nodes own accounting. After payout the web dashboard switches from the nodes own accounting to what the satellite has reported back for payout. Though recently a lot of changes have been made to that. It’s possible it now reports the nodes own accounting for the data usage, but the satellites reported payout. Which could explain the discrepancy between the numbers displayed on the web dashboard. As you rightfully pointed out it conflicts with itself when using a simple calculation to calculate payout based on bandwidth/storage usage.

So yes, we use the same databases, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we use the same data.


Looks like there are a couple of issues with v1.11.1; like the one I posted, yours and here:

Payout history in web dashboard wrong in months with surge payment

So, for now, I’m relying more on @BrightSilence 's :slight_smile:

Looks like I’ll be running this script again… as I have approx $5 less paid then what I had shown in dashboard payout estimate for the month of Aug.

Extended my first post since my node didn’t have the satellite payout data at the time of the post (thought it did…) so I found more discrepancies :smiley:

Could you please restart the storagenode and refresh the dashboard with Ctrl-F5, then check again.
It will not fix the issue with wrong calculation with surge pricing, but held amount should be correct.

Held amount did correct itself after the data from the satellite arrived. before that, it was wrong as it used the current month age for the calculation of the august held amount.

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