Separate blob storage from databases

Allow for all the databases to be in a seperate mount to the actual data storage, so you can put the data on a slow disk and the database on an ssd.
This would go a long way to improve performance.

I tried this already with symlink trickery a few versions ago and it did wonders for my io load.

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Don’t do this with databases, the SQLite can be broken this way

I thin this was proposal that storj team make solution to normaly hold databases on system disk

Why would it break the database to have it stored somewhere else?

I just did a proof of concept. Not using it for production.
Symlinking SQLite DBs is a bad idea, agreed. It can seperate the jorunal from the db file.

I would suggest you to vote for idea here:

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to holld all db files on system disk in configurable location. As storagenode all time writing them, and Data hdd all time has to jump from one point to other and do lot of smal operations, than read and write files. It will defenetly rise performance and responce time. At same time will less kill HDD

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My opinion - we will have a two points of failure instead of one.