Server is getting High loads running Storagenode


I use a VM with Ubuntu server.
The server worked fine but since a few day its getting High loads because of Docker and Storagenode

Has some one seen this problem, I could not find anything about this.

Greets Peter

Screen shot doesn’t show high load though. Nevermind you were showing Load Avg.

Hi @smitti

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I think you have the same issue as me some time ago(I see you on ESXi host), please look into my thread with a solution.

if i where to hazard a guess, then i would say that your VM is running without virto drivers.
to minimize load, its recommended not emulating things like NIC, harddrives and maybe even cpu if possible.

para virtualization means your OS / Host machine doesn’t have to translate everything and basically runs it directly onto the hardware, ofc with the gained performance comes some security concerns, but in most cases, its well worth the benefits.

you can find KVM based drivers here.

guy is running VMware

never really used that, the base premise should still hold.
paravirtualization always makes vm’s require less resources for the same work.

he just needs drivers from somewhere else :smiley: i did consider deleting the link when i saw people said it was EXSI and actually isn’t VMware the company… if we are splitting words xD

anyways i left the url for somebody in the future looking for it.

Thanks for the answers,

I checked Odmin his thread but I don’t have the option because my Esxi is 5.5 upgraded to 6.0.
The server is an oldie but never let me down before.

The server just lost the harddrives so mabey it is hardware related.
Now I am going to try to save the data first an setup another server.

its not about drivers dude