Servers and other ideas?

Storj has access to a TON of computing power. Is storj thinking about offering Virtual Servers or web servers? Expanding into any markets outside of storage ? Cloud computer type stuff?

Is there as anything like that being offered at this time and if so how do I become a part of that as well?

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Not sure about that, the initial idea behind Storj is to use already on or unused devices, and I’m sure many of us run it on light powered devices like RPis, NAS etc. so it does not consume much electricity ^^
Some do have beefy computers running Storj but their power is dedicated to something else (hopefuly, otherwise that would probably not be profitable).

As far as I’m aware, there is no plan to provide computing power to clients so far. Storj is only about storing files in a decentralized cloud at the moment.


You never know what the future might bring, but there are no plans for that right now. As I understand it, there is not a good way to keep data private if you want to process that data. So, while the storage can be encrypted first and then uploaded to the network, if you wanted to process that data, you would need to unencrypt it and expose it to the host. That would be a security risk. And your data could potentially be altered.

Storj would need a different model with trusted servers as a service. Perhaps when the company is big enough that they can buy out Microsoft and Amazon. :wink:


Something like this would essentially be a totally different project. Maybe they could call it ComputR, lol. There are other projects doing things with compute resources such as Golem (GLM). Not sure of the current status of the project but if your looking for somewhere to point your compute resources you should check it out. I believe there are others but I haven’t kept up on all that as much lately.

Storj has zero access to computing power the only thing they have access is hard drives…


My little nas barely has the strength to stay on… :smiley: