Set Up Multiple Nodes (several HDD) under one machine (W10) - no docker

Hi all, thanks for the support !!!
Task at hand:
Adding a new HDD to a new node under windows 10, without docker.

Main Issue:
Not being able to do a new install of the “storagenode_windows_amd64.msi”

I am running a 8TB (D:)node and I would like to add to the computer a new 18TB HDD (F:)but I cannot get a new install of the software in the new location.

I have read all the official information and I understand I will need to update the yaml file with the new ports, as to update my ports in routers.

I do have a new identity ready.

How will I start/stop the different nodes for maintenance??


by default it isnot pssible and not supported feature by Storj.
but you can use toolbox
GitHub - TonyTosol/Storj-Node-Toolbox it will help to install
dont forget, that you need new identitie and token to each node


Stripped volume on Windows? Then you just add that volume to the existing one.
Nevertheless, if you have any issue on one of the drives, you´ll lose the whole node.


Im about to setup my first and soon my second storj node. You have a guide or something on how to use and setup nodes in Toolbox?

some tips are writen in toolbox itselt, just search first node, fill all nessesary information and click install

Also please put identity to drive C:\ direcly not to place where it generated, ot you will get install errors, as there is spaces in names.

if someone want to make video how to install it it wold be very helpfull to people.
@HGPlays may be you wold like to make video about how to install new win gui node?


This would be GOLD for noobs and very appreciated.