Setting up a custom domain with fastly

so I basically want to set up a “cdn” using storj as the file storage and fastly as a TLS proxy.
The domain’s Connecting to it (at least in browsers where it isn’t cached) fails. works, however without TLS and it returns " Malformed request. Please try again." by storj. I feel like I just messed something simple up, but I’m not sure what. I followed the fastly docs and the storj docs. There seem to various similar issues, but none with a real solution. If needed, I can share the vcl snippet, it’s just copyed and modified at the required places though.

You have two variants how to configure it - either with gateway and Fastly and DNS provider or with linkshare service and DNS provider.
So, if you use the first method, you should provide endpoint like they wants, i.e. and follow their instructions further (you should not create a linksharing URL in this case and register it on DNS, but register a Fastly’s hostname instead, see Working with CNAME records and your DNS provider | Fastly Help Guides).

If you want to use a second method, then you need to create a linksharing URL for your bucket and register it in your DNS, then enable TLS for it (in case of Fastly it will require to create a proper service).

If you use Fastly I would recommend to use the first approach, it’s more straightforward.

Am I correct l that the first method wouldn’t allow TLS? And for the, the linkshare would just point to
Thanks a lot.

Yes, the first method will allow TLS and it doesn’t use linkshare.
The second method would be possible to configure TLS and it will use linkshare instead of gateway, but requires a little more steps.

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Thanks, but I just realized whilst reading the docs the mention that free TLS isn’t compatible and that is somewhat what I rely on.

edit: seems like both require a paid account for TLS? sad, but alright I guess

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FYI, Cloudflare offers free TLS that works in front of the instructions provided at Host a Static Website with the Uplink CLI and Linksharing Service - Storj DCS Docs

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Yup, that’s what I use currently, but I want to switch from it for some ethical reasons.


@shruub Please note that upgrading to a Pro Account does not imply you will get automatically charged on your next invoice. As long as you do not exceed the Free Tier Allowance (usage that can be covered by the $1.65 Free Tier Coupon) you will not incur any charges.

You could also add a credit card to upgrade to Pro Account, and then dial down your data cap for storage and egress yourself manually to 150GB each in your project settings to be sure you don´t accidentally exceed the Free Tier limits.


Note that Storj now supports custom domains for Link Sharing, see Custom Domains for Linksharing - Storj DCS Docs