Setting up a node, how much storage to start?

I guess I’ve been in a hole, didn’t realize everything happening around V3 until yesterday.
So I’ve put in my request for an ID for a V3 storage node, setup a new VM, got the docker image installed, ran identity_linux, router forward done.
How much storage is a good to start with? >500G is pretty open ended. :slight_smile:
I have around 64T available at the moment on the NAS.

Hey @skywise welcome to the forum!

We recommend a minimum of 500 GB to start a node, and a minimum of 2TB/Month quota, so the setup you have sounds like a good start!

Got bandwidth covered. Unlimited with a 10G link to HE.
Alright, guess I’ll just relax on the waitlist then. :slight_smile:

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