Setting up a node on a Synology NAS Intel processor for Dummies

Hello there!
I’m a total dummy in Linux world. I can’t even use putty or so to enter my NAS and modify parameters and/or install things.
So… i was wondering if is there any useful, simple and simpler guide through the process. From 0 to top.

AND… why release a QNap app and not a Synology one? This is terribly sad for ppl like me who would like to setup and run a node but have zero programming and terminal skill.


Hello @Putrefax ,
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You need to enable ssh and Container Station on your NAS, login to your NAS via ssh and follow guide for CLI: CLI Install - Node Operator
You should skip the docker installation, since it will be installed during Container Station enabling.

I would recommend to create your identity on more powerful device (i.e. your PC/Mac), then authorize it and transfer to the NAS.

The node setup is some kind of exam to be a Storage Node Operator, so there is no Download → Next → Done kind of setup. You should be able to diagnose and solve issues with your node. We can help you if you would have problems, just describe your problem with details.
In most cases you can find solution here: Search results for '#sno-category:sno-start tags:synology-nas' - Storj Community Forum (official)

More common problems you can search through all forum, not only tagged for Synology

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Hello @Alexey ,

By “Container Station” do you mean Docker? I have no Container Station app on my Synology…
Googleing a bit I assume Qnap has a Container Station but Synology has not. :frowning:

Yeah, you can install Docker from Package Center on Synology. Container Station is a QNAP thing I think.

Other than how you install Docker and connect over SSH, the setup process is the same as any CLI install. So you can follow the instructions Alexey linked to from there.

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Ok. TY.

I’ll let you know how it will go.