Setting up nodes on other locations: what are your best practices?

Community question:

do you have a tip how to setup different nodes on different locations?

i am just aware of buying and installing independent hardware, like raspi + hdd, on another location, like at friends home or my parents home. but this seems to be a bit weird to me.

so I wonder, if there are other options as well…

Sure if you wanna throw money out the window you can rent a vps at datacenters around the world.

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There are a few options to geolocating IP addresses.

One option is to purchase a VPN to the chosen geolocation. That way your node can be physically anywhere…


Agree with @deathlessdd

To be honest, if somebody would ask me, I would not do it. But it really depends on your friends and family, if they accept and it is great way to start with. I don’t use Raspi, I prefer this one:

And it works really well.


I can vouch for both the HC4 and HC4, I run nodes on both and they have been working flawlessly (the one on the HC2 is about two years old and I usually check on it every few months).