Setting up storj in raspberry pi 4


new here, got recently a raspberry pi 4, 2TB external HDD and would like to start sharing space :slight_smile: but only found this article as of now:

would this be applicable to PI4 as well?

thanks :slight_smile:

Hiya @dsanchez ! Welcome to the forum

Yes its applicable to RPi4 too :slight_smile: If you face any issue just reply to this thread. Good luck :heart:


I found another guide.

I followed the link that you shared for my rpi 4.

  1. I think I didnโ€™t get this works (cgroup_enable=memory cgroup_memory=1 swapaccount=1).
  2. I created the node Identity on a windows PC. Mainly because the identity that I created on rpi only has the difficulty of 30 which doesnโ€™t meet the requirement of 36.

It is better to go through the official documentation as it is more complete.

Thank you. I was planning to install Ubuntu on Raspberry but just noticed the instructions are for Raspbian Stretch lite. Are there any instructions out there for Ubuntu?


The official documentation @zeyacry linked above ( should work for setting up your storage node on Ubuntu. Most of the steps will be the same across different operating systems.


By using fstab for static mounting, I always run to emegency mode and root account gets locked, exactly the issue mentioned here Raspberry Pi Boot Issue - Root account locked!.
Is there any other way to static mount? @zeyacry @dsanchez

Usually this happens when the sd card is going bad or corrupt, I moved to ssds and i have seen any issues since on my rpi 4s.

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