Setting up ZSync

Hi everyone! I have been running a node on the v3 network for little over a year now, and as you all know transfer fees are getting a little ridiculous, so I would like to set up zsync.

I have created a metemask wallet, and it seems to cave connected with zsync as I can see the amount of storj I have in meta mask when I click deposit. I cant figure out how to activate zsync, this is what I see:


Is it already activated? Can I enable zsync on my node now?


Anybody know? Can I add zsync as a payment method now? Is the account unlocked?

This looks correct. My understanding is you will need to pay StorJ activation fee when you choose to transfer out of zksync (L2).

o? I thought the fee was paid to zsync

No “zsync” only “zKsync”

What’s the difference? Is one better?

The fee is paid to zksync in STORJ tokens.

You misspelled ‘zksync’.