Setup a new Windows node

这个挖矿能参与吗?有没有人带带啊。我想参与。 :joy: :joy: :joy:

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This is not mining, you offering your unused space and bandwidth to the customers.
So, you will earn depending on usage, not your hardware. See Node Operator Terms & Conditions
As result the earning is not predictable, because your node is used by real people, not machines. Thus we always suggest to use what you have now and preferably what will be online anyway, in this case all costs already paid and any earnings will be a pure profit.

You can also use this Realistic earnings estimator to have an idea how long it may take to fill up all your unused space and how much you may earn.


因此,您的收入取决于使用情况,而不是您的硬件。 请参阅 Node Operator Terms & Conditions
因此收益是不可预测的,因为您的节点是由真实的人而不是机器使用的。 因此,我们总是建议使用您现在拥有的东西,最好是无论如何都会在线的东西,在这种情况下,所有已经支付的成本和任何收入都将是纯利润。

您还可以使用此 Realistic earnings estimator 来了解填满所有未使用的空间可能需要多长时间以及您可以获得多少收入。

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OK. thanks. Is there a community? I would like to ask about the knowledge of node deployment

This is the community. Just start a new Topic to ask your question. The search may also give you the answer you are looking for.

How should I start mining now? Where is the binding wallet address?

  1. Again, this is not mining
  2. Introduction - Node Operator
    Skip the parts you’ve already done.