Setup a Secondary External Address?

So I was away from home for a few weeks and my domain name expired because I am using the free service of no-ip. Is there a way to add a 2nd address to the storj config file? For example a backup? I put my IP as secondary so just incase it expires again, the node will remain online.

I have my domain name set in the (contact.external-address).

I don’t believe you can add a second one, If you arent able to update it id recommend using a different ddns provider or have a program auto renew for you. I talked about this topic here

I use the service because it’s free and they provide a windows app that allows you to do dynamic ip updates on the domain name, but in order to keep the free service, you get a email every month that you have to renew the domain so to speak by solving the capcha.

It be cool if storj had a option that can set itself by figuring out the external ip address by itself, I know some apps do that sort of thing. This could be a feature that can be turned on or off.

You dont have a router that supports a ddns service? That would be the easiest way having a second host doesnt really solve anything it just adds more complicatications to the software

The router I am running has DD-WRT and most likely supports it but I never setup a ddns service on it. I guess that would eliminate the need of running that app to provide IP updates. But that does not solve the original issue which is the domain itself expiring because I forget to renew it on the service provider.

It does if you use the ddns service that I linked. Its free and you dont have to renew every 30days

I will switch over to it. Thanks.