Several new Nodes in one day

i want to create more than one new Node(s) in a day.
Now i realized that we get only one Auth-Token in a day.
But is there a different one for every node important?

In the End we take this Auto-Token and Create in the next step the certificate (with different numbers middle 35).

Is it allowed to create more than one Node in a day? Or not?
e.g. by useing the same Auth-Token.

Thank you for more rule conform Information / Answers.

Hi Dragon,
One Auth token can only be used to generate one identity. When the first Auth token is used it should be possible to request another one. I’m not aware of the one per day rule or a limit on the number of nodes created for node operators.

Hey Stob,
thank you for your answer!

What happens if i create 5 Auth-Tokens in 5 Minutes?
I got everytime the same :wink:

My question is:
What happens if i create the next step to create a Node-Identity?
I got 5 different Identities !!! Looks good.

But is that ok?
Is it conform to the rules?
I did not know!

Can i run all these as new Nodes withoud problems?
Who can answer this?

AFAIK you cannot sign more than one identity with the same auth token (Maybe technically sign more than one but your node may probably not start with such an identity.)
But of course you can create multiple identities.

That said, you will only receive a new auth token when the old one has been used (I think this means that a node with an identity signed with that auth token has been successfully started once)

Are you aware that multiple nodes behind the same ip (more specific the same /24 subnet) are treated as one node? So you won’t get any more ingress than with a single node in that case.

Due to that design the need for multiple auth tokens is somewhat limited.

i understand = It is not leagal possible und conforming the rules to create more than one Node with one Auth-Token.

One Auth Token need seconds …
Confirming a new Node needs some hours with one Auth-Token.

In the end this will take days to create some new Nodes, right?

It is clear for me: that one IP only get one Ingress.

You should create the identity on the most powerful CPU you have. You can set a higher concurrency to use all cores (default is 4). Depending on the CPU it shouldn’t take hours. After you sign the identity you can request a new one. Signing more than one identity with the same token is not possible. It just won’t work.

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Thank you also.
You say it wont work. But i did it and it will work!

So this will result in this Topic, to clearify the rules!
Is this allowed or not?
What problems came out?

I tried to generate 3 Nodes out of one Auth-Token and all of this are working.
Just a few hours …
I deaktivated them now, to clearify the rules around!

Is this ok or not?

That’s interesting. Maybe then the nodes would get disqualified by the satellites after some time, I don’ t know.

When you use the same identity again then all nodes will have the same ID (check on dashbord)

Are you saying you signed 3 identities with one auth token? That would be a massive bug. But I have my doubts. You should get a very specific error saying that the token has already been used.

If you are saying you started 3 nodes using the same identity. It may look like it worked. But it didn’t. The network will see those nodes as the same node and expect them all to have all of the data. The ingress may switch from node to node because the ports keep getting updated. But they will all be disqualified for missing data.

Either way, it’s not just that it isn’t allowed. It can’t work one way or the other.

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The creation of a new identity dosen’t take to long on modern CPUs. On Ryzen 1600 and 3600 it never took longer than 1 hour, usualy 15-30 min. This is not problem of concern.

I think you got the process backwards you dont generate nodes you generate tokens, Then you authorize them with a token you applied for. If you used the same token for all 3 nodes they will be dqed with in a few hours of running.

It looks like you are right.
I just deleted these 3 Nodes to prevent any mistakes.

It is not a big deal, to create one after another. This will be done just one time for many years where a Node will work.

@all: Thank you for all of your commends!

Please generate a new identity for every new node (do not copy a previous one!), then sign each of them with an own new authorization token. Your nodes must have different NodeIDs, if they would use the one identity (even if each copy is signed with an own authorization token), it will be still the same identity and all nodes shares the same identity will be disqualified almost instantly.