Sharing files using Uplink (web url)

I’ve managed to follow the instructions to share a file using the S3 interface and Gateway so that it provides a web url to share.

However, I’ve been unable to work out how to do this just using the Uplink. I assume it’s possible? If anyone has any detailed instructions please do let me know.

This can’t be done with uplink as it relies on s process that translates that http request into a download from the tardigrade network. The uplink isn’t a service that keeps running in the background to serve this. It can only be done through the gateway.

Thanks @BrightSilence I suspected that might be the case.

In that case, would it be correct to run the Gateway on an web server and forward external traffic to it? Is that how it’s meant to work?

There are quite a few security concerns there. It doesn’t run over https because that’s not it’s intended use case. And you would have to be careful about what permissions you give that API key. It should definitely be read only. That’s just from the top of my head. It’s probably a bad idea.

You can use the for a temporary file sharing