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I am testing Storj, and I see that if I select share, there isn’t any option to set a password and an expiration date.

Furthermore, if I choose “share”, the recipient will have some options among them, there is “share” again. How can I be sure to send a file only to a specific person (better, an e-mail address) whether the recipient can share the content again?
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The Objects browser doesn’t have a functionality to specify an expiration time when it generates an URL, but you may do so if you will use an uplink CLI and its uplink share --url command with --not-after option.

The password (your encryption phrase actually) you specify, when you create an access grant directly or indirectly when you enter to the bucket from the Objects browser (it will create an access grant for you under the hood).
Just make sure to use the same encryption phrase used during upload, otherwise your buckets will look like empty (the objects can be decrypted only with their encryption phrase).

The Access Management works in Storj such a way, that when you share an object(s), prefix(es) or bucket(s), the generated access grant will include everything needed to have an access with provided caveats and options, like derived API key, satellite address, restrictions and derived encryption key to allow someone with this access grant (or URL) to decrypt during download (encrypt during upload) the shared object(s), prefix(es) or bucket(s). You may also restrict it such a way, that the other party could be able only upload something, but not list or download from the shared prefix(es)/bucket(s) (works only for access grants).
So your objects will remain private even after generating an URL, until you share it with someone.

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Thank you.
I am testing the uplink CLI.
I uploaded a file, and from the uplink, I know that it’s all correct.
However, accessing via browser, I don’t see the file uploaded via uplink CLI. Why?

If you used the same encryption phrase used during upload, but still cannot see uploaded objects, you likely affected by this bug: