Should I set a speed limit?

Hi all, just recently started my Node.

So, I have 500/500 link, but I was thinking if I should set-up some speed limits for the node itself via my router, so that it doesn’t eat up all available bandwith, especially if it’s daytime and I have to do some stuff other than watching the Dashboard. Is 200/200 enough (especially when Storj comes out of beta and my rep goes up) or should I set it higher? Is there an actual limit to how fast the satellites are capable of sending data to my Node?

Thanks in advance for your replies!

I’ve never seen it peak more than 90Mb. So i wouldn’t worry about limiting yet. Wait until you start seeing contention.

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You shouldnt need to set a limit right now you probably wont see anything higher then 6Mbit then max 40MBit after vetting process. Of course after you go though vetting and you notice that you have issues with your internet you could try to limit it but Im pretty sure its not gonna hurt your 500/500 connection probably wont even notice it.


Ah, okay, thanks a lot. I was kinda worried because the calculator on the frontpage implies that at least 200/200 can be used. I realize that those are estimates, but still. Thanks again!

Your welcome glad I could help. Also welcome.

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