Should the foundation sell some coins to lock in runway?

Seems like the price has really jumped – should we sell some foundation tokens to make sure there is plenty of runway for bear market?

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What do you mean by foundation tokens ?

The storj foundation tokens? assuming that’s what these are Storj: MultiSig 1 | Address 0x0f564a2a5fde73349890e86e9b2aa1639994bf2f | Etherscan (ie the tokens that are used to pay the team, expenses, etc)

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Good question.

These types of things are calendered according to regulations and prior commitments
" to giving sixty-days advance notice to announce if there will be any changes to our lock-up schedule."

This is the previous report. You can see the protocols for these things are highly structured


There is an alternative approach. Just onboard more customers until we get enough revenue that way. Just saying :smiley:


more customers in long term is much better for all.