Show obsolete satellites on the "Held amount history" dashboard


I just saw something weird on the “Held amount history” dashboard in the GUI:

Capture d’écran du 2020-12-16 08-41-57

The total Held return amount i snot consistent with the upper data (held amount per satellite).
Indeed, it is because stefan-benten satellite is missing.

In order to have a consistent view, I think we should display obsolete satellites (gracefully exited satellites or removed satellites) in this table. Maybe it would be good to highlight this satellite as “obsolete” (with a warning logo or with a note saying that this satellite is no more used by the current node or something like that).

yeah it seems very wrong that a satellite can just vanish from the dashboard… giving us not much idea of what it took with it… this kind of information should be stored locally and not be changed after it is initially concluded to preserve an unaltered log of payouts, earnings, held amounts and such…

i know a lot of that information is already there, but i’ve not yet gotten around to bothering getting access to it, because there are lots of other stuff and i try to avoid more distractions… :smiley: i fail often :smiley:

alas this kind of information should be easily accessible in the dashboard and a satellite shouldn’t just be able to vanish.

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This is known issues, it will be fixed in one of incoming releases, thanks for your response :slight_smile: