Signed up a couple of days ago, still waiting for a mail with an auth token

How long am I supposed to wait?

If you did not receive the invite email within about 10 minutes, please try again using a browser that does not have ad blockers activated, and is not Brave browser or Internet Explorer.

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Still doesn’t work. I get to the “Check Your Email” page seemingly without error. If there is an error, some kind of indication of it would be nice…

Which browser did you use ?

Please, use Chrome or Firefox and disable any ad blocker extensions

How does your email address look like, localpart@subdomain.domain.tld or localpart@domain.tld? There was/is a bug with email addresses containing a subdomain, which was supposedly fixed.

I’m using Firefox. I tried disabling my ad blocker (uBlock Origin). It didn’t help. My email address is in the localpart@domain.tld format.

I guess I’ll try another browser…