Signiant performance testing achieves multi-gigabit transfers on Storj


So Storj worked with the VP of Global Technology Alliances and Partnerships to put that marketing together… and didn’t provide a single link to Signiant?

The Storj author got linked. The year-old post about the University got linked. Same for an old Storj performance post. But neither the business contact that provided the quotes+data… nor the partner company… nor their product were worth a URL?

Aaron Zitzer is going to find keeping up a steady stream of good marketing like that a challenge… when you link-the-heck out of your own stuff and provided absolutely nothing to the partners you work with.

Why would any potential partner want to help work on content? Links are the cheapest thing you could give them back…


Love it! Finally a promising sounding customer testimonial.

Please tell me they are using native and not S3!


It seems to look they are on Tsunami UDP Protocol but I might be wrong. EDIT: Yeah I did some additional reading, they claim they have patented technology which is a conjunction of UDP and TCP [Signiant’s core UDP-acceleration protocol offers distinct advantages. Signiant isolates different sources of congestion by looking at latency and packet loss, and also by constantly examining the rate of change in these observations.]. On the first glance it looked like Tsunami.

Thank you for pointing out the missing url links! It was an unfortunate oversight, so these links have been added now.


Is it a customer? Or a potential customer? Or partner/reseller? Or just a potential partnership?
Storj isn’t even listed on their partners page (Wasabi is listed): Partners | Signiant for Faster File Transfer
So maybe it is something that is upcoming. But it sounds like partnership which means Storj needs to convince Signiant customers to sign up for Storj as storage solution. So still miles to go.

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I don’t really care about what UDP protocol they put on top of it.
I care if they access the data native or as S3.

I dont think they were using S3 - take is with a grin of salt because I was really not paying attention to optimize it and dont quite fully remember all rclone-browser settings - on rclone I was able to get sth like 20MB /30 MB down / up and I am usually on 5 to 100 Gbs with high performance filesystems below it. In general, I’d say your question is a bit naive. If one wants to get some speed with storj, one has to go native. Its like a rhetoric question. Nevertheless, the problem is that as far as I remember, so called uplink cli user interface is not very user friendly, you have to remember all the settings and adjust every time to the particular machine you are operating from. The same complain applies when you are just starting with storj, you have to spend abour 1 to 3 hours just to understand it all in order to make some basic decisions (but thats a different topic). Anyway, I think you are making a mistake not paying attention to UDP and TCP and to such protocols as Tsunami and/or BBR. :- )

To be frank, I don’t really care what you think, I care what they are actually using.

Well, it hasn’t stop STORJ from using S3 for TrueNAS. So I guess, you are the naive one here, if you simply assume native.

That is exactly what these 3 party programs are for

Look, in the end I don’t care if the data got transmitted by pigeons or by BBR. What matters is the end result.

Tried my best, however, to be very frank, I dont see a point in further communicating with you. Good luck with you further endeavors in the world of TCP and UDP pockets. :- )

You seem to have a pretty bad reading comprehension or you are willingly changing the topic and not try to engage with arguments. No matter which one applies to you, both make you a bad discussion partner in my opinion.

That is why:

would be something I am looking forward to.

Im afraid its too late, but, keep trying. :- )

I am NOT looking forward communicating with you.
I am looking forward NOT communicating with you.

Hope, that was easier to understand :kissing_heart:

I like it but why you are still writing to me? Cant comprehend the reason. :- )

Get a room you two.Řś




Maybe some more news soon:

Storj and Signiant Partner so customers save on cloud storage without compromising on performance. Companies to demo solutions at NAB Show, Las Vegas April 13-17, 2024

today the Signiant Platform technology is trusted by over 50,000 companies for mission-critical workflow processes. With customers including Disney, NBC, and Apple, Signiant is a trusted partner to leading media companies, delivering critical enterprise-wide elements of global technology infrastructures.

Let’s hope. :expressionless:

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Maybe. Maybe not. Who knows.
From my past experience, I would guess it is a nothingburger just like the Adobe announcement.

Happy to be convinced otherwise.

Do you have a feedback?
I’m sure - not. You just trying to took it down. Why?
Just explain, why do you are attacking Storj? Do you have some imagine problems with Storj? Or just some affiliation doesn’t allow you to agree with the how is it actually working?
Because other clients in Switzerland are happy with a performance.

I have a question, asked many times. Native or S3?

It is not an attack, it is a critique!
Because in my opinion you pretty soon have to get your shit together.
And you know why I am such active in the forum critiquing STORJ?
Because I actually think it is a great idea. Just with the implementation I am very unhappy.

Again, you never have answered the question.
What other clients in Switzerland are happy with the performance?
What performance are they getting?
Why do others say that this poor performance of TrueNAS downloads applies to the whole world?
Is this not true?
Or is 20MB/s the benchmark you are aiming for?
Is that what you understand under good performance?

Will you bother to even answer a single question or change the topic?

You may not realize this @Alexey but critics are one of the most positive forces STORJ can get. This is free advice. Nobody wants people that just say “yes” and agree with everything. But this is probably nothing new for you, because I sincerely hope that internally people are raising the exact same concerns I do. Otherwise we have a problem.