Signing up with Google, Github or other accounts?

Has there ever been thoughts of making signing up to the satellites even easier for customers using their Google, Github, Facebook or whatever accounts?



Nice. I thought with Storj DCS aimed at devs, it might be a good move to offer Github signup and logins.

I agree with what Shawn said and I think in this case having a feature to login with hardware wallet would be nice.

Github is owned by Microsoft so again same social media companies.

I am of the opinion that giving users an option to let them choose what they want would help Storj get an idea if access via these social media options is preferred or not. If someone doesn’t use Storj just because Oauth isn’t supported then they won’t file a support ticket to let Storj know about it.

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If that’s his problem, I doubt he’ll go trough with the trouble of using Storj anyway :smiley:

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