Simple and efficient methods to accomplish offsite server backups

What are you using to accomplish this?

I’m currently experimenting with rclone/restic to sync a fairly large (120GB, 110k files) file server. Directly syncing all these files is obviously inefficient, and I’m wondering if first placing them all in a VHD or something like that might help. The server itself does Windows Backup routines every day. Should I just be syncing that resulting backup image?

Haven’t tested Tardigrsde via rclone enough yet to know how well it can differentially sync a data set.

Just wanted to get this conversation started as I haven’t really seen much talk of using this as a backup repo.

have you looked into duplicati?

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we have some upcoming blogs and podcasts specifically around backups that I think you’ll enjoy – would love to hear more about your specific use case too!

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For the server backup it could be much better to use a Duplicati integration:

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